Note: As of July 1, 2007, Covering Kids & Families has closed. For current information about the uninsured in America, please visit RWJF Coverage.
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You and your children may be eligible for low-cost or free health insurance! Programs exist in every state and the District of Columbia. For information about low-cost and free children's health coverage, visit For information on coverage for adults, read the Guides to Finding Health Insurance Coverage in Your State from Cover the Uninsured.

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Fundraising: Key Principles of Fundraising

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Document Type Planning for the Future
This presentation - a sequel to Fundraising 101 - discusses different fundraising opportunities, promising strategies and crafting long-term fundraising goals.
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Use this worksheet to help develop your fundraising plan.
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Use this SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) exercise to determine your current fundraising position.
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Document Type Fundraising 101
A basic layout of the fundraising process, including RWJF match requirements, fundraising steps and how to make a successful "ask."
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• People give to people. Whether you are seeking funds from individuals, foundations, government agencies or corporations, it is the personal relationships you cultivate with prospects that increase the opportunities for receiving funds.

• Fundraising is 90 percent networking and 10 percent grant writing.

• View fundraising in business terms. Your work with Covering Kids & Families provides a valuable service that improves the lives of children, families and the community as a whole. With that in mind, fundraising becomes the process of marketing the critical services your CKF project provides to the community. Your CKF project deserves the community's investment.

• Even if you have no formal fundraising experience, you are the best person to make the request for funds. By capitalizing on your knowledge, experience and passion for your work, you will be able to communicate the value of Covering Kids & Families to potential donors.

• The most successful fundraisers are the ones who are not afraid to make the "ask."

• Fundraisers need to use their persuasive abilities to create funding opportunities. You need to be assertive and proactive.

• Focus, discipline and persistence are the most critical factors determining the fundraising success of organizations with small or nonexistent development staffs.

• One of the most important fundraising skills to develop is listening to your prospective donors. They will provide you with a tremendous amount of guidance and insight about how to succeed in getting their contribution.

• Fundraising is time and labor intensive. Develop a fundraising plan and methodically pursue it, only deviating from the plan if the opportunity for a significant grant is presented.

• Fundraising is a team effort. Everyone involved in the organization (e.g., staff members, board of directors, coalition members, etc.) should be recruited and trained to participate in the process. The team effort requires a captain who directs and encourages all team members to do their part.

• In tough economic times, it is more important than ever to (1) tailor your proposal to a funder's interests, and (2) cultivate a personal relationship with someone at the funding organization who will champion your program during the decision-making process.

• Fundraising is not a science--there is no one correct approach.

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