Evaluating Communications and Outreach

Evaluating Communications and OutreachEvaluating what works and what does not is just as important as developing an up-front strategy in your enrollment efforts. Different tactics and strategies work with different populations and groups, so evaluating your progress is an important part of the enrollment and retention process. Here you will learn tips on how to best evaluate your efforts, and what you might be able to do better.

Table of Contents

Evaluation: Why Evaluate?
Evaluating results provides valuable feedback for your campaign, from demonstrating your successes to helping hone your strategies.

Evaluation: What Should Be Measured?
From hotline calls to media coverage, learn what you should measure in evaluating your efforts.

Evaluation: How Do I Get Started?
Determine what type of data you want to examine, organize a planning team, and other tips on how to properly evaluate.

Evaluation: Analyzing and Using Your Results
Organize your results so that they can be useful to you in the future.