Placing Public Service Announcements

Placing Public Service AnnouncementsThis toolkit is designed to help grantees, coalitions and organizational partners develop, pitch, place and evaluate a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign.

Table of Contents

Placing PSAs: Getting Started
From identifying media suitable media outlets to preparing your pitch, the first things you need to do to successfully place CKF PSAs.

Placing PSAs: Contact and Follow-Up
From distributing your PSAs to evaluating their impact, the second series of steps you'll need to take to successfully place CKF PSAs.

Placing PSAs: Promising Strategies
Promising Strategies to help you learn how to successfully place CKF PSAs.

Placing PSAs: Industry Profiles: David Ysais
PSA insights from David Ysais, Former President, National Broadcast Association for Community Affairs.

Placing PSAs: Industry Profiles: Harvey Dzodin
PSA insights from Harvey C. Dzodin, Former Vice President of Commercial Standards, ABC, Inc.

Placing PSAs: Industry Profiles: Polly Sherard
PSA insights from Polly Sherard, Former Special Projects Director, WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.).