Tracking Your Success
Evaluation: How to Start the Evaluation Process

Updated: 6.1.06

Why is it important to evaluate the results of your campaign? Evaluation will allow you to:

Measure the results of your efforts
You, your staff and members of your organization will expend time, energy and funds to plan and execute activities designed to increase awareness among eligible, uninsured adults and families with eligible, uninsured children about available health care coverage programs. These activities will generate measurable results. Being able to explain the results in your community is a significant component of raising awareness about this important issue.

Demonstrate your success
Positive results will demonstrate to your team, the organization and the community that the campaign has been a success. Success is a strong motivator for further involvement.

Adjust future communications strategies
By collecting information from hotline data, media coverage and other evaluation measures, your coalition can learn important lessons that will enhance and inform future efforts. You will be able to determine which aspects of your plan worked well and which might be improved for the next time around.

Seek additional media coverage
You may choose to announce the success of your efforts to the public, businesses, opinion leaders and policy-makers to seek additional media coverage. This is an opportunity to broadcast the positive effect that you, the organization and Covering Kids & Families are having on the lives of uninsured children and their families

How Do I Get Started?

It is important to plan campaign tracking as part of your overall communications planning.

Create an evaluation team

Determine what you want to measure

Contact those who will provide the data

Review samples of the data collected in your state

Begin collecting the data

Create a database