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Retention: Gaps in Knowledge

Updated: 6.1.06

Retention in Medicaid vs. SCHIP:
There seems to be little research specifically on Medicaid retention. Yet there are features of Medicaid that make it distinct from SCHIP and suggest there may be unique factors involved in retention.

Adults vs. children:
Since the primary focus with regard to retention has been
SCHIP, which is a program for children, there has not been a focus on adult retention.

The demographics of who loses coverage:
This report includes some new data about race, gender and income in terms of retention, but this is still a new topic.

Health status and retention:
Although there are slightly more data on this issue, there is still not conclusive evidence that the health status of the individual matters in terms of retention.

For a full report on gaps in knowledge in Medicaid and SCHIP retention, download the Covering Kids & Families Communications Strategies for SCHIP and Medicaid Retention guide.