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Working with the Media
Getting Your Back-to-School Event on the Daybook

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What is the daybook?

The daybook is a daily calendar of media events that are happening in and around a city or state. News services, like the Associated Press (AP), maintain a daybook and distribute it through their wire service to thousands of journalists nationwide. Media check the daybook several for the important events that their news organizations cover.

How can a coalition get its Covering Kids & Families Back-to-School Campaign media events listed on the daybook?

You must pitch your event to the daybook editor in order to have it placed on the calendar of news events for a specific day, just as you would pitch an assignment editor to cover your event. (See the tools at right for help.)

Pitching a daybook editor should not replace contacting local print and broadcast media outlets about your events.

Step-by-step guide for pitching and placing stories on the AP daybook:

1. Consider pitching events that include one or all of the following elements:

• Media-friendly activities or appealing visuals, such as a health/enrollment fair with activities for children and back-to-school checkups

• Participation by an elected official or well-known public figure

• A coalition spokesperson who is available to speak to reporters about your Covering Kids & Families Back-to-School Campaign efforts, Medicaid and SCHIP coverage, and new research that might be released

• Families that are enrolled for Medicaid or SCHIP coverage who can speak with reporters about: 1) the medical care they have access to through coverage; 2) the simplicity of enrollment; and 3) the peace of mind they have knowing their children have health care coverage

2. Prepare a news advisory with the who, what, when and where of your Covering Kids & Families Back-to-School Campaign event.

3. Find your state's bureau in the Associated Press State-by-State Listing or visit the AP Web site, to find the bureau in your area.

4. Contact the daybook editor, pitch your event and e-mail a copy of your news advisory to the bureau.

5. Follow up with the daybook editor to find out when your event will be listed. Note: When contacting local reporters, refer to the daybook listing in your pitch (e.g., "You may have seen our event in the AP daybook. I'm calling to give you additional information about our Covering Kids & Families Back-to-School Campaign.")

Update the daybook editor if there are changes in your event location or time, or if prominent speakers join your efforts.

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