Note: As of July 1, 2007, Covering Kids & Families has closed. For current information about the uninsured in America, please visit RWJF Coverage.
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You and your children may be eligible for low-cost or free health insurance! Programs exist in every state and the District of Columbia. For information about low-cost and free children's health coverage, visit For information on coverage for adults, read the Guides to Finding Health Insurance Coverage in Your State from Cover the Uninsured.

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Kansas Covering Kids & Families Liaison Initiative

Grant Overview
Kansas Children's Service League, as part of its advocacy mission, will participate in CKF communication campaigns, including Back to School and be a contact for corporate and organizational partnerships.

In addition, KCSL staff and one or two key stakeholders will attend the CKF annual and regional meetings. Once key stakeholders have returned from CKF annual and/or regional meetings, lessons learned from these meetings will be broadly disseminated to interested parties across the state. Through KCSL's advocacy program, there is an existing network of individuals, organizations and coalitions who are part of our database called the ACT Network. The network receives weekly e-newsletters throughout the legislative session, from January to April, and monthly e-newsletters during the interim session. The network also receives periodic mailings as well. Currently, there are approximately 300 key individuals in the database, in addition to nearly all schools and libraries in the state. Key stakeholders who have an interest in children's health insurance issues will be added to the database throughout the grant period.

Our advocacy program also maintains a current database of all state-level policy makers. We maintain contact with state and federal legislators on a regular basis throughout the year. We have found Kansas policy makers to be very interested in health insurance coverage for children and families, especially our current Governor, who is the former state Insurance Commissioner. From our experience, state-level leaders will welcome any efforts to ensure that children's health insurance remains a top priority in our state.

At the beginning of each legislative session, we put together a public policy agenda for all legislators. Included in that packet, we will include CKF information within our section on health care policy.
In conjunction with our annual Governor's Conference on the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, KCSL will convene a meeting of key statewide stakeholders on the issue of health care coverage for uninsured children and families. The report from the statewide meeting will be made available on our agency web site at, and notice of its availability will be distributed through our ACT Network. In addition, we will distribute the annual meeting report to all state-level policy makers.

Grant Amount
Children: $50,000

Start Date
May 1, 2005

End Date
April 30, 2006

Lead Organization
Kansas Children’s Service League

Tracie Lansing-Hunsecker
444 Minnesota Ave
Suite 220
Wichita, KS 67203

p (913) 621-2016

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