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You and your children may be eligible for low-cost or free health insurance! Programs exist in every state and the District of Columbia. For information about low-cost and free children's health coverage, visit For information on coverage for adults, read the Guides to Finding Health Insurance Coverage in Your State from Cover the Uninsured.

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Nevada - Covering Kids & Families Southern Nevada Health District
Partnering with local schools districts to reach the Hispanic population
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Wyoming Covering Kids & Families Initiative

Grant Overview
The Wyoming Covering Kids & Families Coalition (WCKF) will work strategically to link over 9,000 eligible children, nearly 3,000 eligible families, to public health care coverage through effective outreach, the simplification of the enrollment and re-enrollment process and the coordination of existing programs. The Wyoming Covering Kids & Family initiative taught us that there are several reasons why eligible children are not enrolled in coverage programs: 1) Families are unaware that coverage programs exist for children that live in working families and for entire families with incomes up to 69% of FPL, 2) Families have had a negative experience with an uncoordinated and complicated enrollment system in the past and have decided that the hassle of obtaining and keeping coverage is too great and do not realize that the enrollment process has been simplified, 3) Eligible children and families have been un-enrolled (after the original eligibility span expires) because of a confusing or overly burdensome re-enrollment system, 4) Women enrolled in the Medicaid Pregnant Woman's program are not always made aware in a timely manner that their newborns are automatically eligible for Medicaid for one year, and 5) American Indian children and families are not enrolled because they believe that Indian Health Services has limitless resources to provide them with health care, because traditional outreach methods and retention methods fail on a reservation where mail, phone service, and literacy are luxuries, and because the population does not trust non-American Indian outreach workers. The WCKF Coalition is divided into three working teams: the Outreach Team, Simplification Team, and the Coordination Team, to design and implement outreach, simplification and coordination strategies to address each of these problems. Activities include designing strong media messages that will address the problem of awareness, the need to re-enroll, and promote the simplified process; re-designing eligibility and re-enrollment forms and implementing re-enrollment reminders; and designing and implementing a referral system that will effectively link eligible children to appropriate coverage programs. Local Coalitions from Laramie, Washakie, Natrona, Johnson counties and the Wind River Indian Reservation will work to address issues specific to Migrant and American Indian children, as well as design effective strategies to enroll children through school, business, faith, and community-based initiatives.

Grant Amount
Children: $600,000

Start Date
July 1, 2002

End Date
June 30, 2006

Target Populations
Frontier families (search other projects targeting Frontier families)
General audience (search other projects targeting General audience)
Migrant workers (search other projects targeting Migrant workers)
Native Americans (search other projects targeting Native Americans)
Rural families (search other projects targeting Rural families)

Business (search other projects using this intervention)
Provider/Clinic Sites (search other projects using this intervention)
Faith based sites (search other projects using this intervention)
Local public health offices (search other projects using this intervention)
Schools (search other projects using this intervention)

Lead Organization
Wyoming Department of Health

Faith Dumond
6101 Yellowstone Road
Suite 210
Cheyenne, WY 82001

p (307) 777-7574

Local Projects in Wyoming

Fremont County
Johnson County Local Project
Laramie County Local Project
Natrona / Converse Co. Local Project
Washakie / Big Horn / Hot Springs

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