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You and your children may be eligible for low-cost or free health insurance! Programs exist in every state and the District of Columbia. For information about low-cost and free children's health coverage, visit For information on coverage for adults, read the Guides to Finding Health Insurance Coverage in Your State from Cover the Uninsured.

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Southern Institute on Children and Families Reports

July 2007
Offering Public Health Coverage Enrollment in Health Care Settings

May 2007
Covering Kids & Families: Promising practices from the nation's single largest effort to enroll eligible children and adults through public health coverage

January 2007
Five Guidelines for Developing Customer-Friendly Websites

October 2005
The Health Literacy Style Manual

February 2005
Questions and Answers About the HIPAA Privacy Rule and CKF Participants

January 2005
An Introduction to the HIPAA Privacy Rule

August 2004
2004 Chartbook of Major Indicators
Conditions Placing Children in the South at Risk

November 2003
The Supporting Families Story
The Movement Toward Quality Improvement

October 2003
The Burden of Proof: How Much is Too Much for Health Care Coverage
Second Edition

October 2003
Questions and Answers: Outreach, Enrollment and Immigration Issues

October 2003
Guidelines for Collecting, Analyzing and Displaying Health Coverage Eligibility Outcomes Data
Second Edition

July 2003
Maintaining the Gains, Special Executive Summary Edition
The Importance of Preserving Coverage in Medicaid and SCHIP

June 2003
Maintaining the Gains
The Importance of Preserving Coverage in Medicaid and SCHIP

December 2002
Covering Kids & Families Primer
Understanding Policy and Improving Eligibility Systems

December 2002
Improving Coverage for Adults through Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program

October 2001
Enrolling Children in Health Coverage Programs: Schools are Part of the Equation

February 2000
Stigma: A Paper for Discussion

January 2000
Sources of Federal Funding for Children's Health Insurance Outreach

January 2000
Fostering A Close Connection
Report to Covering Kids on Options for Conducting Child Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Through the National School Lunch Program

December 1999
Assuring That Child Health Applications Do Not Deter Enrollment Among Eligible Children in Noncitizen Families

October 1999
Monitoring and Evaluation of Outreach Strategies for Low-Income Children and Their Families

March 1999
Developing Social Marketing Messages for Covering Kids

March 1998
The Make or Break Issue for Achieving Full Enrollment of Eligible, Uninsured Children

March 1999
The Ins and Outs of Delinking
Promoting Medicaid Enrollment of Children Who are Moving In and Out of the TANF System

March 1999
Electronic Communications: Where Websites Fit In

March 1999
Guidelines for Collecting, Analyzing and Displaying Child Health Coverage Eligibility Outcomes Data

March 1999
Community-Based Organizations
Paving the Way to Children's Health Insurance Coverage

December 1998
The Burden of Proof
How Much is Too Much for Health Care Coverage?

August 1998
Report on Communication and Marketing Strategies Meeting

February 1998
Southern Regional Initiative to Improve Access to Benefits for Low-Income Families With Children

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