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Are You Uninsured?

You and your children may be eligible for low-cost or free health insurance! Programs exist in every state and the District of Columbia. For information about low-cost and free children's health coverage, visit For information on coverage for adults, read the Guides to Finding Health Insurance Coverage in Your State from Cover the Uninsured.

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Toolkits Available for Download

Interfaith Toolkit
The Interfaith Toolkit provides religious organizations with the tips and materials they need to spread the word about the availability of Medicaid and SCHIP, including newsletter articles and a template church bulletin insert. Available in English and Spanish.

Back-to-School Action Kit
The Back-to-School Action Kit contains everything you will need to plan a successful Back-to-School Campaign event. It includes information on how to plan a media event, template materials and other resources on children's health care coverage.

Business Outreach Kit
Local and national business partnerships are essential to the success of the Back-to-School Campaign. This kit explains how to find businesses willing to participate, make initial contact, sell your cause and sustain relationships with existing partners.

Latino Outreach Kit
This kit draws upon the practical experiences and recommendations of Covering Kids & Families grantees that work to connect Latino families to health care coverage programs. It includes insight into Latino culture, how best to appeal to and work with Latino communities, and promising strategies from successful past outreach efforts.

Reaching American Indian and Alaska Native Families
This toolkit provides information about the cultural background of American Indian and Alaska Native families, and provides tips on how to conduct outreach.

PSA Guide
This toolkit is designed to help grantees, coalitions and organizational partners develop, implement and evaluate a public service announcement (PSA) campaign.

Message Strategy Toolkit
This toolkit describes the research-based messages that will help motivate parents of eligible, uninsured children to enroll them in Medicaid or SCHIP. It includes key statistics, message points and tips on how to evaluate your advertising and promotional materials.

Meeting the Match: A Guide to Fundraising
This toolkit was designed to help Covering Kids & Families grantees raise additional funds to meet the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's match requirement. It is also a great resource for anyone interested in raising funds to support your outreach efforts. It will take you through "the basics" of identifying potential sources, and constructing a fundraising plan to approach potential donors.

Guide to Working with the Faith Community
This toolkit contains everything you need to know about working with the faith community, from how to find contact information for local congregations to working with lay leaders. Template materials are included to help you tailor your message to different faith groups and leaders.

Evaluation Guide
Different outreach strategies work with different populations, so evaluating your progress is an important part of the enrollment and retention process. Includes tips on how to evaluate your efforts.

Reaching Uninsured Parents: Insights About Enrolling Uninsured, Low-Income Parents in Medicaid and SCHIP
While it is important for uninsured children to receive low-cost or free health care coverage, many of their parents do not have health coverage either. Here you will learn ways to conduct outreach to parents to let them know that health care options are available to them as well.

Retaining Eligible Children and Families in Medicaid and SCHIP: What We Know So Far
Keeping enrollees covered is critical to sustaining Medicaid and SCHIP. This review was undertaken to help inform states, grantees and others working on retention by condensing the insights from many different studies and various experts into one document.

State Guides to Finding Health Insurance
These state-specific guides, which were developed for Cover the Uninsured Week, describe the help that may be available for uninsured individuals. They can be downloaded at Available in English and Spanish.

Health and Enrollment Fair Planning Guide
This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help beginners plan a health and enrollment fair. Available at

Addressing the Barriers to Covering Kids: A Values-based Strategic Framework
Commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2001, this comprehensive report details the formative and evaluative research conducted in support of the Covering Kids campaign (the precursor to Covering Kids & Families). This research was the basis for the strategic communications used in various aspects of the initiative, including community outreach efforts, earned media events and paid advertisements.

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